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Buckeye Kettlebells has become the go-to location for kettlebell training in Ohio, if not the entire Midwest. Home to more certified kettlebell instructors than any school in the country, Buckeye Kettlebells is where Central Ohio goes to get strong.

     Our students regularly hit personal records in strength gains. Part of this is programming to improve strength through proper technique. But a bigger part of it is the cultivation of the “Can-do” attitude. We don’t focus on little 5-pound dumbbells that you would find in many traditional gyms. Instead, we challenge students to push their limits to achieve lifts they never thought possible.

     And our programming is designed to challenge you without breaking your body down. We write our programs to increase intensity and difficulty each month, then back off to allow recovery. Our training has a purpose – to help you reach your goals –and we often adapt our programs to best suit your individual needs.

     Our members have varying degrees of fitness levels - for some setting personal strength records is important, for others, just showing up at a gym is tough enough. You will work at your own pace (with some gentle encouragement of course), and compete with your limitations, not someone else's goals. This is YOUR workout.