David Clancy, CSCS, SFG II, FMS founded Buckeye Kettlebells in 2008. "I wanted to build a gym that I could be proud of," he says. "Without a lot of the frivolous stuff that detracts from progress."

"Too many times we get Exercise-ADD, and get distracted by new routines that are more flash than substance. At Buckeye Kettlebells, we focus on programs that actually produce results," he says.

In addition to in-house programs, Buckeye Kettlebells is also host to many national-caliber events, including Certifications for RKC, HKC, Sandbag and Primal Move, Bodyweight Workshops, Ladies Retreats, and Strength and Conditioning Seminars.

CAtherine Pitt

Jason earned his kettlebell certifications in 2013. He has been very active in bodyweight training, and earned his first kettlebell certification in 2012 (HKC). In addition to teaching Monday mornings at Buckeye Kettlebells, Jason has developed some off-site programs for small groups.


Joel Jose, RKC was the first student at Buckeye Kettlebells to go on and achieve his kettlebell certification.  He earned his RKC in 2009 and his SFG in 2013. He teaches Wednesday mornings at 5:30, and is known for his double kettlebell complexes. He has assisted at numerous RKC and HKC certifications.

Carmen Stewart has been certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Carmen has taught classes at Next Level Fitness and Training, Far East Recreation Center, and currently serves as a certified cycling instructor at LA Fitness center.  Her students and colleagues affectionately refer to her as Cardio Carmen indicative of her high-energy and drive demonstrated during her dance fitness, cycling, and boot camp classes, where her enthusiasm and tenacity for greatness are contagious.

Carmen has also competed and placed in multiple fitness competitions:

  • May 2015 - fourth place spot in the Masters Bikini competition, NPC Mike Francois Bodybuilding Championship, Columbus, OH.
  • June 2015 - 4th place win in the Open Bikini competition and a 5th place spot at the Masters level, Julie Palmer Championship, Dayton, OH.
  • September 2015 - 4th place (out of a field of 1,600 competitors), IFBB North American Championships, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • October 2015 - Overall winner in the Masters Bikini Division (35+), first place winner, in the Masters Bikini Division (35+); third-place winner, Novice Bikini; and finally, fourth-place winner in the Open Bikini Division, NPC Natural Kentucky Championships, Louisville, KY.  
  • April 2016 - first place in the Masters Bikini Division (35+) and 1st runner-up in the Open Bikini Division, Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Competition, Cleveland, OH.

Ed Schmidt

Jason Hermann

carmen stewart

Brian also earned his kettlebell certifications in 2013. He is a New Albany Firefighter who uses his tactical knowledge to get the most out of his clients. He is also a certified sandbag instructor, and teaches several of the mid-day classes. Brian also teaches the CPR classes at Buckeye Kettlebells

1110 Claycraft RdGahannaOH 43230, USA   |  614-946-3645  |  dave@daveclancy.com

Brian Reasoner

Catherine Pitt, SFG II, RKC completed her kettlebell certification requirements before her 18th birthday, but because of the organizations’ rules, had to wait until she was an adult to actually receive her certificates. She was the youngest person ever to earn her SFG certification, and in 2015 became the youngest to earn her Level II certification at 19 years old. She is a student at The Ohio State University where she plays on the Women's Club Ice Hockey team.

Wendy Fleming is the founder/lead instructor of Slim Church Fitness.  Slim Church Fitness has been in operation since June 2015.  It is a workout program designed to give you an uplifting and upbeat fitness experience choreographed to Christian Hip Hop music.  Wendy holds a Zumba certification (Jan. 2015) and is actively pursuing additional credentials. She is a former classroom teacher who holds a degree in Elementary Education.  

When Ed hired Dave Clancy to be his personal trainer back in 2003, he had no idea where that relationship would lead. In addition to being RKC and StrongFirst Certified, Ed is a Certified TRX Instructor, teaching all of the TRX classes at Buckeye Kettlebells. He has been involved in bodyweight programs, and earned his SFG and RKC in 2013.

Joel Jose

dance fitness instructors

David Clancy

Joel Jose

Kettlebell Instructors

wendy b. fleming

Michaela developed a love for fitness after struggling with self-image, and her weight issues for most of her life.   After an illness in January of 2012 she decided to get serious about her health and fitness.   After getting in the gym to address her own fitness needs she fell in love with kettlebell cardio and strength training.   Joining Buckeye Kettlebells gym she trained and earned one of the most respected kettlebell certification in the world, Strongfirst Girya school of strength in April of 2015 and her level 2 certification in 2016.  Michaela has a heart to see every person meet their fitness goals and achieve personal excellence in body, spirit, and mind.